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"#include <stdint.h>\n#include <stdio.h>\n#include <sys/time.h>\n#include <sys/types.h>\n#include <time.h>\n#include <unistd.h>\n\nuint64_t splitmix_init() {\n\n /* if there is /dev/urandom, read from it */\n FILE *urandom = fopen(\"/dev/urandom\", \"r\");\n if (urandom) {\n uint64_t result = 0;\n size_t r = fread(&result, sizeof(uint64_t), 1, urandom);\n fclose(urandom);\n\n if (r == 1) {\n return result;\n } else {\n return 0xfeed1000;\n }\n\n } else {\n "

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