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Created: 2023-12-19 03:40:10.302489 UTC

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"#!/bin/sh\n\nset -e\n\nCABAL=${CABAL:-cabal}\nHC=${HC:-ghc}\n\n# Install cpphs if it is not in path\ncommand -v cpphs || ${CABAL} v2-install --ignore-project --with-compiler \"$HC\" cpphs\n\n# Regenerate splitmix-hugs\nsh make-hugs.sh\nfind splitmix-hugs\n\ndie() {\n echo \"TEST FAILED\"\n exit 1\n}\n\ndotest() {\n echo \"TEST $2\"\n echo \"$2\" | hugs -98 -P:splitmix-hugs -p'> ' \"$1\" | tee hugs.output\n grep \"$3\" hugs.output || die\n}\n\n# Simple tests\ndotest System.Random.SplitMix \"nextInteger (-100) 73786976294838206464 (mkSM"

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