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Created: 2023-12-19 03:40:10.302489 UTC

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"#!/bin/sh\n\nset -e\n\nTOPDIR=$(dirname \"$0\")\nTARGETDIR=$TOPDIR/splitmix-hugs\n\nwhile getopts 't:' opt\ndo\n case \"$opt\" in\n t) TARGETDIR=$OPTARG ;;\n\t*) echo \"Unknown flag $opt\"; exit 1 ;;\n esac\ndone\n\n# Check tool availability\ncpphs --version\n\n# For each of the source files\nfind \"$TOPDIR/src\" \"$TOPDIR/src-compat\" -name '*.hs' | while read -r src; do\n tgt=\"$TARGETDIR/$(echo \"$src\" | sed \"s/^$TOPDIR\\/src\"'\\(-compat\\|\\)//')\"\n\n echo \"Processing $src -> $tgt\"\n\n mkdir -p \"$(dirname \"$tgt\")\"\n cpphs --noline "

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