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"{-# LANGUAGE CPP #-}\n#ifndef NO_SAFE_HASKELL\n{-# LANGUAGE Safe #-}\n#endif\n-- | Types to help with testing polymorphic properties.\n--\n-- Types 'A', 'B' and 'C' are @newtype@ wrappers around 'Integer' that\n-- implement 'Eq', 'Show', 'Arbitrary' and 'CoArbitrary'. Types\n-- 'OrdA', 'OrdB' and 'OrdC' also implement 'Ord' and 'Num'.\n--\n-- See also \"Test.QuickCheck.All\" for an automatic way of testing\n-- polymorphic properties.\nmodule Test.QuickCheck.Poly\n ( A(..), B(..), C(..)\n , OrdA(..), OrdB(..), OrdC(..)\n "

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