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Created: 2023-12-19 03:40:10.302489 UTC

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"module Main (main) where\n\nimport Control.Monad (forM_, replicateM)\nimport Data.List (tails)\nimport Test.HUnit (assertFailure)\n\nimport qualified System.Random.SplitMix as SM\nimport qualified System.Random.SplitMix32 as SM32\n\nmain :: IO ()\nmain = do\n g64 <- replicateM 10 (fmap show SM.initSMGen)\n putStrLn $ unlines g64\n forM_ (tails g64) $ \\xs' -> case xs' of\n [] -> return ()\n (x:xs) ->\n if all (x /=) xs\n then return ()\n else assertFailure \""

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